What Is The Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Car Wheel Cnc And Ordinary Polishing?

- Jul 23, 2018-

Microscopically, both CNC and polishing are "cutting" the surface of the hub for flattening. The difference is in the scale range. If the CNC machine can be processed in 0.1~1mm, then the polishing is done at 0.01~0.05. Because the depth of the "knife marks" generated on the hub is different, the flatness is different, and the reflection effect is different. However, due to the insufficient processing depth of the polishing method, the workpiece must be machined to a certain degree of flatness before the machine can be used. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that it will be polished after the wheel has passed through the CNC finishing car. Otherwise, the rough turning marks on the wheel hub and some uneven marks will be more obvious after polishing. Generally speaking, the brightness of polishing is high. In addition to the CNC system, if it is a shallow scratch.

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