Re-sharpening Of The Drill Bit

- Apr 17, 2019-

Bit re-grinding

The criteria for re-sharpening the drill bit are:

1. The amount of wear of the cutting edge, the chisel edge and the edge of the blade;

2. The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the hole to be machined;

3. The color and shape of the chips;

4. Cutting resistance (indirect value of spindle current, noise, vibration, etc.);

5. The amount of processing, etc.

In actual use, accurate and convenient criteria should be determined from the above indicators according to the specific conditions. When the amount of wear is used as the criterion, the best re-grinding period with the best economy should be found. Since the main sharpening part is the back of the head and the chisel edge, if the bit wear amount is too large, the edge wear time is large, the grinding amount is large, and the number of regrind times is reduced (the total service life of the tool = the tool life after regrind × The number of regrinds will shorten the total service life of the drill bit. When the dimensional accuracy of the hole to be machined is used as the criterion, the amount of cut and expansion of the gauge or limit gauge hole should be applied. Once the control value is exceeded, it should be immediately If the cutting resistance is used as the criterion, the method that automatically exceeds the set limit value (such as the spindle current) can be used. When the processing quantity limit is used, the above discriminant content should be integrated and the criterion should be set.

Bit sharpening method

When re-sharpening the drill bit, it is best to use a special machine for the sharpening of the drill or a universal tool grinder, which is very important to ensure the service life and machining accuracy of the drill. If the original drill type is in good condition, it can be reground according to the original drill type; if the original drill type is defective, the back shape and the transverse edge grinding can be appropriately modified according to the purpose of use.

Pay attention to the following points when sharpening:

1. Prevent overheating and avoid reducing the hardness of the drill bit;

2. All damage on the drill bit (especially damage to the edge of the blade) should be removed;

3. The drill type should be symmetrical;

4. Be careful not to touch the cutting edge during sharpening, and remove the burrs after sharpening;

5. For cemented carbide drill bits, the sharpening shape has a great influence on the performance of the drill bit. The drill type at the factory is the best drill type obtained through scientific design and trial and error. Therefore, the original blade type should be maintained when re-sharpening.

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