In Terms Of The Process Of Metal Stamping, The Mold Can Have The Following Categories.

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. Single die, which is the simplest one of the molds. It can be formed by one molding. In one operation of the press, only one die of the stamping process is completed.

2. The composite mold has only one process and action. In one operation of the punching machine, two or more metal stamping processes are simultaneously completed in the same process.

3. Continuous mode, some masters are also called progressive die. This is a difficult mold in the mold. It uses an automatic material feeder and has two or more processes. In one action of the press, The mold of two or more press processes is successively completed in different processes.

4. Transfer mode, combining the characteristics of single-process die and continuous stamping die, using the robot transfer system to achieve rapid in-mold transfer of products, can greatly improve product production efficiency, reduce product production cost, save material cost, and quality Stable and reliable, easy to mold repair features.

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