From The Metal Stamping Process, The Following Processes Are Required:

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. Blanking die, which produces a separate mold along a closed or open contour. If you often see the blanking die, punching die, cutting die, slit die, trimming die, cutting die, etc. in the mold, these are all punching, so they are collectively called punching die.

2. A drawing die is a mold that uses a mold to draw a material into an open hollow member or to further change the shape and size of the hollow member.

3. The forming die is a mold in which the blank or the semi-finished workpiece is directly copied and formed in the shape of the convex and concave molds, and the material itself only produces a partial plastic deformation. Such as bulging die, shrinking die, flaring die, undulating forming die, flanging die, shaping die and the like.

4. Riveting molds are external forces that allow the participating parts to be joined or joined together in a certain order and manner to form a whole.

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