CNC Machining Technology

- May 25, 2018-

CNC machining technology:


 CNC precision machining is a traditional way of removing excess material by removing it. CNC processing speed, low cost, processing materials with high strength, high temperature, high toughness, transparency and other requirements; and CNC model processing eclectic, such as grinding, ash, painting, polishing, silk screen, UV, electroplating, etc. ( In particular, electroplating models are required. The effect can be completely comparable to that of the products produced by the molds; the appearance, assembly, and function verification can all meet the customer's final design intent; therefore, CNC model making has become the mainstream of modern hand-saw processing. one.


 CNC Slab Machining Method: Normally, the workpiece is processed on both sides. In special cases, the workpiece is processed on three, four, five, or six sides. In the process of processing, we will keep the glue around the basket and fix the workpiece with the edge basket. The plaster will position the workpiece. When the workpiece is processed, there will be no adhesion between the workpiece and the CNC worktable. Better Ensure that the machined workpiece does not deform and the workpiece level is accurate. In addition, gypsum is an indispensable auxiliary material for hand-slab processing. In the face turning process, the cavity surface has been hollowed out, and the wall thickness of the product is generally thin. Therefore, thin jitter occurs in the processing, which has a great influence on the appearance of the product. Filling with gypsum is equivalent to adding support, which makes the thin-walled shaken during processing unnecessary and ensures the processing effect.

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