CNC Machining Program Check Points

- Jul 12, 2018 -

CNC machining program check points

The following is a summary of some safety precautions related to the programming of CNC machining centers. Warning: Once some commands are wrong, significant consequences and losses will occur.

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01, coordinate system setting

If the coordinate system is set incorrectly, even if the program moves correctly, it will cause unexpected machine operation, which will damage the tool, machine and workpiece.

02, absolute / incremental mode

If the program written in absolute value is executed in incremental mode, or if the program written in incremental values is executed in absolute mode, it will cause the machine to operate unexpectedly.

03, plane selection

For circular interpolation/coiling interpolation/fixed cycle, if the specified plane is not correct, it will cause the machine to operate unexpectedly.

04, programmable mirror

When the programmable image is set to active, subsequent program actions will change greatly.

05, imperial / metric conversion

Conversion from English input to metric input, or from metric input to English input, does not convert the workpiece origin offset, various parameters and current position. Therefore, the unit of such data must be fully confirmed before running the machine. . Attempting to operate with erroneous data can damage tools, machines, and workpieces.

06 compensation function

If the command of the machine coordinate system or the command related to the return to the reference point is specified in the compensation function mode, the compensation is temporarily canceled, resulting in an unexpected operation of the machine.

07, torque limit skip

Be sure to set the torque limit to active before attempting a torque limit skip. If the torque limit skip is specified in the state where the torque limit fails, the move command will be executed without generating a skip action.

08, using non-linear interpolation positioning

When using non-linear interpolation positioning (ie non-linear motion positioning between the start and end points), the path of the tool must be carefully checked before programming. Since the positioning is performed under rapid movement, if the tool collides with the workpiece, it will damage the tool, machine and workpiece.

09, the function of the rotary axis action

When programming a normal direction control, pay special attention to the speed of the rotary axis. If the program is not properly programmed, the speed of the rotating shaft will become too fast, or the workpiece will fall off due to centrifugal force due to improper mounting of the workpiece. This can damage tools, machines and workpieces.

10, constant speed control

When the current position of the workpiece coordinate system of the constant-speed control axis is close to the origin in the constant-speed constant control, the spindle speed becomes too fast, so the maximum speed must be specified correctly. If the maximum speed is not specified correctly, the tool, machine and workpiece will be damaged.

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