CNC Lathe Machining And CNC Programming

- Jul 10, 2018 -

CNC lathe machining and CNC programming

Definition of the axis:


It is very important to stipulate the axis of the CNC machine tool and the direction of the movement. The design of the CNC machine, the operation and the maintenance personnel must have a correct and unified understanding. Otherwise, it may lead to programming. Confusion, data communication error, operation accident, maintenance can not be normal, and so on.


Machine coordinate system and machine zero:

The machine coordinate system is the inherent coordinate system of the machine tool. The origin of the machine coordinate system is determined as the zero point of the machine tool (or the mechanical zero point). It is usually installed at the maximum stroke of the positive direction of the X-axis and the Z-axis. The machine tool is designed, manufactured and After adjustment, the machine zero point is determined, it is a fixed point. When the CNC device is powered on, it does not know the machine zero point. Usually, it is automatically or manually returned to the machine zero point to establish the machine coordinate system. The machine returns to the machine origin. The CNC has established the machine coordinate system.


Workpiece coordinate system and reference position point (program zero)


The workpiece coordinate system (also known as the floating coordinate system) is used by the programmer during programming. The programmer selects a known point on the workpiece as a reference position point (also called program zero point) to create a new coordinate system. Coordinate system. Once the workpiece coordinate system is established, it will remain valid until it is replaced by the new workpiece coordinate system. The shutdown or power off does not save the program zero position. The system uses the G50 code to define the workpiece coordinate system, such as no G50 in the program. Then the workpiece coordinate system is established with the current absolute coordinate value as the reference point. The selection of the workpiece coordinate system reference position point should satisfy the conditions of simple programming, small size conversion, small machining error, etc. In general, the reference position point should be selected at For the dimensioning reference or positioning reference. For the lathe programming, the workpiece coordinate system reference position point is generally selected at the intersection of the workpiece axis and the end face of the chuck or the end face of the workpiece.


Maximum trip:

Maximum stroke = minimum setting unit & times; 9999999


Absolute coordinate programming and relative coordinate programming:


The movement of the code axis has two representation methods, absolute value code and relative value code. The absolute value code is a method of programming with the coordinate value of the end position of the axis movement, which is called absolute coordinate programming. The relative value code is moved by the axis. It is a direct programming method called phase-coordinated coordinate programming.

Diameter and radius mode programming:

The shape of the workpiece processed by the CNC lathe is usually a rotating body, and the X-axis dimension can be specified in two ways; the diameter mode and the radius mode.


Modal, non-modal and initial state:

(1), modal means that once the function and state of the corresponding word are executed, it will be valid until its function and state are re-executed. That is to say, if the same function and state are used in the later block, it is no longer necessary. Enter this field.

(2), non-modal means that the function and state of the corresponding field are valid only once, and the same function and state must be executed again in the future, that is, if the same function state is used in a later program, This field must be entered again.

(3) The initial state refers to the default energy and state after the system is powered on. That is to say, if the corresponding functional state system is not specified after power-on, it is executed according to the initial state function and state.

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