Furniture Hardware Accessories

- May 29, 2018 -

Furniture Hardware Accessories

Wood screws, hinges, handles, slides, partition pins, hangers, nails, heading machines, crimpers, multi-stations, metal feet, hardware racks, hardware handles, turntables, zippers, pneumatic rods, springs, Furniture machinery and so on.

Cabinet hardware accessories

Hinges, drawers, guide rails, steel drawers, pull baskets, racks, sinks, baskets, spotlights, skirting boards, cutlery trays, pendants for hanging cabinets, multi-function posts, cabinet assembly, etc.

Mold hardware accessories

Punching needles, punches, guide posts, guide bushings, ejectors, cylinders, ball bushings, ball bushings, cages, outer guide posts, independent guide posts, self-lubricating sheets, self-lubricating guide bushes, non-oil guiding bushes, none For oil slides, external guide pillar assemblies, etc.

Marine hardware accessories

Shackles, flower blue, card head, swivel, rings, pulleys, cable bolts, pipe seats, cable guides, bollards, etc.

Clothing Hardware Accessories

Buttons, thread clasps, hook clasps, claw nails, rope clasps, pin buckles, military clasps, zipper pulls, five-claw buttons, fashion buttons, harness loops, Japanese-style clasps, Epoxy clasps, inlay clasps, zip locks, Belt buckles, hollow nails, alloy buckles, alloy pulls, signs, etc.

Luggage Hardware Accessories

Rivets, aluminum bars, chains, steel rings, buttons, square rings, snap buckles, mushroom nails, hollow nails, wire rings, backpack racks, triangle rings, pentagonal rings, three-section rivets , signs, etc.

Belt Hardware Accessories

Belt buckles, belt buckles, alloy belt buckles, belt buckles, belt buckles, etc.

Door and window hardware accessories

Handles, handles, hinges, latches, handles, hinges, wind braces, pulleys, door flowers, hose clamps, lock boxes, bumps, crescent locks, multi-point locks, actuators, pullers, door closers, glass Plastic, Samsung lock and so on.

Photo frame hardware accessories

Hooks, shrapnel, blades, draws, feet, brackets, tablets, loose-leaf pages, wrap angles, straight nails, angle flowers, corner machines, nails, corner screws, flannel, etc.

Hardware stamping accessories

Flat mats, wafers, springs, shrapnel, face covers, housings, signs, nameplates, markings, wire, forks, terminals, stampings, lever arms, T-plates, etc.

Curtain Wall Hardware Accessories

Hangers, rigging, AB glue, docking claws, curtain wall claws, glass claws, docking joints, glass clamps, glass glue, marble glue, foam strips, adhesive glue, adapters, dry hangings, railings, handrails, chemicals Bolts, glass curtain walls, non-standard products, etc.

Hardware accessories

Trinkets, cell phone accessories, cartoon characters, wear accessories, 12 constellations, Chinese zodiac signs, pendants, letters, letters, KT cats, Disney, mascots, and other accessories.

Decorative hardware accessories

Sealing strips, cabinet legs, door nose, ducts, metal hangers, plugs, curtain rods, hangers, hangers, iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, plastic expansion pipes, rivets, cement nails, advertising nails, mirror nails, bolts , screws, glass holders, glass clips, adhesive tape, aluminum alloy ladders, product supports, etc.

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