CNC Turning Stainless Steel Parts

CNC Turning Stainless Steel Parts

Product Details:CNC Turning Service Precision PartPlace of Origin: Dongguan, ChinaBrand Name: AnebonMaterial: brass, alumininum, stainless steelWorking process: stamping, deep stamping, bending, punch

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Product Details

Product Details:

CNC Turning Stainless Steel Parts

CNC processing:

[product name] CNC machining design and manufacturing

[Surface treatment] according to customer requirements: oxidation, sandblasting, anode, laser, etc.

[Product Structure] According to the customer's product 2D/3D diagram or model customization cooperation completed

1. Internationally advanced CNC machining design and manufacturing process;

2. The CNC machining center adopts imported advanced systems to achieve precision, high efficiency and first-class quality.

3. From product design to selection of materials, design programming, assembly adjustment, product quality have professional testing to ensure the quality of CNC products;

4. All selected materials, structural design process will be in strict accordance with international standards of the selection of materials and production processes to ensure the product's high quality requirements.

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