CNC Machining For Mobile Phone Metal Shell

CNC Machining For Mobile Phone Metal Shell

Quick Details1.CNC Machining for Mobile phone metal shell2.Anodized aluminum machining parts3.Material:Aluminum60614.Prceoss:cnc milling5.Certificate: ISO9001:20086.High accuracy: +/-0.01mm7.Laser eng

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Product Details

Product Name: 

Metal Phone Protection Frame

CNC Machining For Mobile Phone Metal Shell


Product features:

1, simple eye-catching, good heat dissipation, signal resistance,

2, with the phone body perfect personal, simple fashion, feel light,;

3, independent buttons, metal texture, delicate feel,

Product color: elegant black, silver, dark blue, sky blue, rose, local gold, Chinese red, purple, light gray, brown, golden

Product material: imported PC material and high quality aluminum alloy material.

Product performance: sensitive and comfortable, like a bare hand feel, 1:1 real machine open mold, accurate hole position, give you all-inclusive protection

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