CNC Machining Aluminum

CNC Machining Aluminum

cnc machining aluminum

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cnc machining aluminum

  1, various types of precision plastic, metal parts machining;

  2, automatic equipment accessories, non-standard parts design and processing;

  3, professional aluminum alloy shell, aluminum alloy deep processing;

  4, CNC machining, CNC milling and processing;

  5, professional fixtures, fixture design and processing;

  6, machining, CNC lathe processing.


1 Provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, JPG, STPD) or samples. Information includes: demand quantity, materials, precision tolerances, surface treatments and special requirements. The factory can make appropriate modifications or designs according to customer needs. The direct drawing is sent to Wangwang customer service or sent to email.

2 Quoted response time is given within 5 minutes in the fastest, and the slowest is 24 hours. Except in special circumstances, ensure that customers who receive drawings or samples respond promptly.

2. Price

Negotiate with customers and promise to make the team's power to provide lower prices. But the price is not a standard factor for our services. Quality, delivery, after-sales, and service attitudes are equally important.

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