Aluminum Or Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Aluminum Or Zinc Alloy Die Casting

customized aluminum or zinc alloy die casting for diecast part die casting mold die casting machine die casting cabinet 2.5 die cast truck gravity die casting machine Application:Auto Parts Material:Aluminum Dimensions:Customized Size Product name:die casting Surface treatment:Anodizing.

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1, The metal stamping by the mold to ensure the size and shape of the metal stamping parts precision, generally It does not destroy the surface quality of the stamping parts, and the life of the mold is long, so the quality of the metal stamping is stable.

2, Metal stamping production efficiency, and It is easy to operate and easy to achieve mechanization and automation.

3. Generally, there is no scrap material when metal stamping is working. The material consumption is less, and it doesn't need other heating equipment.

All processing processes can pass the European Union directive (ROHS), EN1811, 12472 test and SGS test.


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